About Iso Leso

Who are we?

Iso Leso Optics is a well-respected national network of optometrists with a reputation for delivering high quality service and products to its members, their patients and the members of all medical schemes. Its mission is to ensure the viability and stability of the optometric environment for all role players, including the optometric practice.

It is structured as a public company, established in 1999, whose nearly 1000 shareholder members are independent practising optometrists and a further 1000 providers contracted to the network. This gives Iso Leso a comprehensive national footprint in South Africa of over 2000 practitioners. Investigations by major schemes have shown that Iso Leso contracted providers account for almost 70% (seventy percent) of optical spend. Iso Leso is owned by its members who are the shareholders of the company. It has no controlling shareholder, nor any third party vested interests. The Board of Directors do not hold any more shares than the ordinary shareholders and they are elected annually to manage the network.

We invite you, as an optometric provider to join Iso Leso as a shareholder. Its primary objective is to manage eye care so that medical scheme benefits are well designed and sufficient to meet the clinical needs of the patient and offer a sustainable income to the practice. Membership of Iso Leso comprises an initial share purchase of R1500.00 and a monthly subscription of R285.00 including VAT.