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Iso Leso Optics Limited – Who are we?

We invite you to join Iso Leso Optics Limited, a dynamic network of more than 900 Optometrists. Iso Leso’s 10 years of operations has found many solutions to the funding of eye care. Its primary objective is to manage eye care so that medical scheme benefits are well designed and sufficient to meet the clinical needs of the patient. During this period Iso Leso has generated additional optical benefit pay-outs in excess of R50 million per annum.

Iso Leso is owned by its members who are the shareholders of the company. It has no controlling shareholder nor any third party vested interests. The Board of Directors does not hold any more shares than the ordinary shareholders and they are elected annually to manage the network. Membership of Iso Leso comprises an initial share purchase of R1500.00 and a monthly subscription of R285.00 including VAT.

The Network Administrator

Health Management & Network Services (Pty) Ltd, a company that administers several other medical discipline networks, including Ophthalmology, administers Iso Leso. Through HealthMan’s experience, Iso Leso’s understanding of the healthcare industry is enhanced and it has continuous access to a team of professional and independent consultants.

Iso Leso’s Role

Iso Leso represents its members in advising medical schemes and funders on optical benefits, administration issues and practice profiling.

Whenever necessary, it also assists members with various practice management issues including the recovery of outstanding claims.

The organisation also advises schemes on future optical benefits, clinical issues, trends and more particularly, works for the benefit of the emerging market to ensure that functional vision is achieved within the framework of the optical benefits available to them.

Iso Leso also ensures that optometry is made more affordable for medical scheme members while still maintaining its members’ practice profit levels. It also continually assesses increases in the scope of Optometry.

The Iso Leso network currently accounts for approximately 75% of the Optical spend in the medical scheme market and it covers more than four million lives through its various initiatives with medical schemes.


Because of the restraints imposed by the Competition Commission neither the SAOA, nor Iso Leso may publish tariffs. The independent consultants, such as HealthMan, may however carry out the necessary reviews and make recommendations in this regard.

Iso Leso’s Philosophy

Iso Leso believes that profits should be made in the practices, and not by the organisation. It offers assistance and advice on issues of practice management to its members in order to ensure that their practices are sustainable and that reasonable profits are made while still servicing medical scheme members.

The organisation encourages its members to continually look at the optical benefits available and the clinical needs of their patients. To this effect, transparent and regular communications with the organisation’s stakeholders is essential. Several general meetings are called with the shareholders throughout the year to ensure that Iso Leso serves the needs of its members.

Member Benefits

Iso Leso members have access to several benefits by joining the network. These include amongst other:

  • Enhanced Optical benefits for the future;

  • Direct payment of claims to practices;

  • Access to electronic claim submissions (EDI) at extremely competitive tariffs (0.3% negotiated by Iso Leso with DHS);

  • Reduced rate on ABSA credit cards at 2.75%;

  • Claim submission via Healthbridge;

  • Exclusive access to the Iso Leso benefits manual distributed to Iso Leso members only. It gives a comprehensive list of all benefits for each individual scheme and is available on disc or on the Iso Leso web site;

  • Access to the Ernst & Young practice cost analysis. This analysis allows members to assess profit margins in Optometry. These include practice profit analyses;

  • Access to Prosper Financial Services (Pty) Ltd for a full range of financial services;

  • Peace of mind that a team of negotiators will work for the benefit of Optometry for the future;

  • Virtual Practice Model;

  • Free SMS service on website;

  • On line access to deal with Practice queries;

  • Daily access to Health News on web site;

  • Soon to be launched personal web sites;

  • Soon to be launched electronic journal;

Iso Leso Accreditation of Optometric Practices

Membership of Iso Leso is open to all Optometrists registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Any practice found guilty of misconduct or fraud is held accountable and risks losing its membership of the network.

If you wish to join this dynamic network please contact the Iso Leso Optics Limited office on 011 340 9000 should you need further information or assistance regarding Iso Leso.

Kind regards

Zena Jacobson Olga Manitshana
Chairperson Marketing Director  
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