NUPAY Secure Electronic Payment Solutions

Isoleso has partnered with Nupay, an innovative payment solution that creates a safe working environment by removing the risk of cash on hand.

We offer our shareholders a mobile terminal that will communicate with a sim card or a fixed terminal running via an ADSL line. It has three functionalities on one terminal- namely: AEDO/ POS and EDCON. It is a secure payment collection solution that will improve your collection success rate ensuring a healthy cashflow in your practice.

AEDO: Authenticated Early Debit Order

This assist the patient to pay excess amount on debit order over an agreed payment period between the practice and the patient. The transaction is authenticated on the terminal and uploaded for payment to the relevant bank on the agreed dates. By virtue of the authentication, the transaction cannot be disputed giving you peace of mind

  1. 1. Future dated debit order
  2. Non -disputable transactions
  3. Up to 32 days tracking on a parents account
  4. Transaction maintenance and full website reporting

POS: Point of sale (debit and credit cards)

Secure, safe and user friendly allowing the immediate collection of debit and credit card transactions to assist the practice to broaden its sales offerings and increase in clientele

  1. Realtime transactions
  2. All debit and credit cards accepted
  3. Full website reporting


The terminal also accepts the Edcon cards.

Cost implications:

  1. Mobile terminal: R 570.00 pm -includes: rental, maintenance and vat., Fixed terminal – R 428.00 pm – includes – rental, maintenance, insurance and vat.
  2. AEDO: 2.2% (EXCL. VAT)
  3. POS: Debit card – 1.35% and credit card – 2.35% (EXCL.VAT)
  4. Unsuccessful transaction – R 5.00 (EXCL. VAT)
  5. Tracking on clients account – R 2.00 per day per client (EXCL.VAT)
  6. PSSF (Payment systems stakeholders forum)- R 431.76 p.a. once off

These three products bundled together on a single terminal will ensure the safe collection of any shortfalls and outstanding fees. Minimise the risk of cash on hand, cash handling and reduce your deposit charges with all bank cards and Edcon cards.

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