Iso Leso has almost 1000 members who are shareholders in the network. Iso Leso has no controlling shareholder and all members hold equal amount of shares, depending on the number of practices the shareholder owns.

Iso Leso members enjoy special benefits which include discounts on HealthBridge claims, the Optical Assistant tariffs and no cost and other fee reduction on credit card commissions.

The largest benefit of being a member is the higher professional fee on many of our contracts, which can only be enjoyed if you join the network as a shareholder.

Iso Leso manages almost 1 million medical aid members and we have contacts with Discovery KeyCare, LA Health, Quantum Health, MyFed, Bankmed, BP, Medshield, Day 1 Health and Hosmed.

We provide an open network and do not prohibit any provider from participating in our contracts. However, those providers who are not shareholders are excluded from membership benefits and will not qualify for the higher professional fees and other exclusive offers