Shareholder Benefits

Iso Leso shareholders enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Direct payment of all contracted scheme payments.
  2. Higher consultation fees on our administered contracts.
  3. No cost for Optical Assistant tariffs (Normally R35.00 per month for non-members and other providers).
  4. 10% discount on all HealthBridge submissions.
  5. 33% discount when signing up with HealthFocus as your practice management programme.

Shareholder Fees

Since 2015 Iso Leso Management Fees has remained R300 per month (excluding VAT), per practice site. The company does not earn fees by way of charging a percentage of contract fees, turnover, or any amount similar to royalties to its shareholders.

Iso Leso is essentially a management service company incorporated for the benefit of its shareholders and is managed on a break-even basis.


  1. Each practice site pays a minimum of R1600 for 1 share and must have at least 1 share.
  2. The maximum shares per site is ten allowing a practice to purchase more than one share
  3. Maximum shares per individual is – 270 and depends on how many multiple sites the individual owns. At the maximum this will require that the individual owns 27 sites.

Become a Shareholder

Download the Application to Subscribe for Shares