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Module 1 – Healthcare Defined

In Module 1 we help the students get a detailed understanding of the key fundamentals involved in Healthcare success when they enter the market place.

Course 1 – Industry Information
Course 2 – Value Added Services
Course 3 – Ideal Healthcare Practice

Module 2 – Business Profiling

In Module two we focus the teaching on how business concepts and impact areas every practice deals with daily.

Course 1 - Analysis
Course 2 – Activity planning
Course 3 – Business Relationships

Module 3 – Establishing Yourself in Your New Work Environment

In Module 3 we help the students to identify various ways in which they can establish and positioning themselves within the work space.

Course 1 – Situational Examples
Course 2 – Team Work
Course 3 – Leadership

Module 4 – There is more to Healthcare than just your academic and clinical knowledge.

Many practices rely on outdated promotional activities and manipulative techniques to ensure sales within their businesses. However practices are still struggling to increase their revenue, let alone thrive during these economic times we live in.

Course 1 – Standard of Practice
Course 2 – Problem Solving
Course 3 – Store Experience and Process Outline