DHMS IsoLeso Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programme

DHMS Screening Programme

Evolution, futuristic artificial intelligence in diabetic screening

Diabetic Retinopathy Overview

We are excited to announce that Discovery Health Medical Scheme (DHMS) and Iso Leso Optics are partnering to introduce a new diabetic retinopathy screening benefit.

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The purpose of the screening benefit is to detect the presence and severity of diabetic retinopathy in patients and determine if escalation for management/treatment is required.

DHMS and Iso Leso are collaborating to incorporate optometrists into the care team for patients who are living with diabetes. Our goal is to give you and your patients access to the most advanced screening technologies.

The upcoming benefit uses an artificial intelligence (AI) system to identify signs of referable diabetic retinopathy in recent fundus photographs. Eligible members will have access to one AI assisted screening per annum. This will be funded from the Scheme benefit, which means that out-of-pocket payments or MSA funds will not be required.

Together, we can increase screening rates for diabetic retinopathy, and reduce the incidence of preventable vision loss and blindness.